6 thoughts on “Diskussion zu Turtle

  1. Hallo, ich versuche einen Si7021 Sensor an ein Turtle 1.1 anzuschliessen (SDA->SDA, SCL->SCL, VDD->VDD und GND->GND. Im Testprogramm wird der Sensor nicht erkannt. Muss ich zusätzlich etwas in den Einstellungen vornehmen? Vielen Dank!

  2. Hello, is it possible to achieve a wireless data rate of 100kbps with a wireless link of 600m (in free space without buildings) based on real-life tests? If not, what is the data rate of the turtle board at 600m? Also at what distance can we achieve 100kbps? Thank you in advance!!!

    • Using SF7 it is possible to send or receive 500 bytes per second. The 600m should work assuming that there are not too many walls in between.
      Please note that LoRa is not designed to sent constant data streams, instead it is preferred for small messages from time to time.

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