Relay Module (4 channels)


The module allows switching external consumers via relay. An LED indicates the relay status. The MCU pin (e.g. Turtle board) can drive this relay securely via the relay board optocoupler input. A universal switching solution.

Technical data

  • Compatible with Arduino, Mbed, Pi
  • Compatible with RadioShuttle remote relay example
  • Relay power 5 V (5 V and GND)
  • Relay output (3 pins open/closed or closed/open)
  • Relay input (1 pin, low is active, digital-in is inactive)
    The input is pulled high, therefore switching it to input turns it off
  • LED indicates relay status
  • Input optocoupler isolates
  • For more details see picure
  • Dimensions:  76 x 56 x 17 mm (W/L/H)


Please note:
we are reseller of this board and cannot warranty its performance and safety. We recommend to use this relay for low voltages only unless a qualified electrician can give support for mains voltages.