Making Of …

Production of the LongRa boards for exhibition at the Maker Faire Hannover

A self-constructed placement machine allows producing LongRa boards at home

The first batch of equipped boards

Test stand production

The self-constructed component holder and the test stand. Having a laser cutter in the workshop comes in quite handy …
The test stand. It allows testing the conductive traces of the finished boards. In addition, a test software proves the proper function (MCU, GPIOs, external ports, external monitor, USB, and power supply)

The converted reflow oven, with external control, and probe within the oven. An external, Arduino based control provides for the optimal temperature curve. The basis for faultless reflow soldering

The fine SMD soldering joints are checked under a stereomicroscope and fixed, if necessary

A final, independent inspection, and installation of the RadioShuttle software. PS: Each odd/even pair of device numbers (e.g. 15/16) are programmed as node and station (server). Sending and receiving messages can be tested without the need to install any software. Insert the batteries and let it run!