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  1. Hi,

    Very cool protocol I am looking forward to using it in an upcoming school project, I had one question though. Does RadioShuttle have a way to simply broadcast a message without addressing the message to any specific node?

  2. Hi I’m trying to run the example but I have the issue where Im missing the file arduino-mbed.h and I am unable to find it anywhere on the internet, has anyone else had this issue?

    • The Arduino-Mbed Libraries are included with our RadioShuttle boards and are not open source. They can be downloaded by our board customers.

      • Hi thanks for the quick feedback, sorry I must have missed that when reading the GitHub repo documentation. I’m really interested in the ECO boards but I saw they were out of order. Is it possible for me to purchase several licenses, as I currently have some LoRa gateway boards that use the same ESP32 and LoRa components so it should work after changing the pins in the pin mapping file. I’m primarily interested in using the radio shuttle protocol to work in a mesh networking algorithm I am developing for school.

  3. Is there an example for a mesh? I want to use the spreading factor 11 to reach max distances and use nodes in between server and sensor node when i can’t reach the server directly. The server is a eagle board, all nodes are turtle boards. Th goal is to build a network with a radius of about 40-50km.

    So what i have in mind is, something like this:

    Sensor-node >> relay-node >> relay-node >> server.

    I tried to set the relay node up as online-node with the remote-id of the server. It can send to the server it self, but does not relay the messages of the sensor-node.

    Do i have to implement the relay functionality my self or should the protocol do this for me?

  4. I want to make some range test, but the nodes are going into deep sleep after a couple of minutes and don’t react anymore without a reset, even if they set as online-node or station-basic. Can i disable this?
    I want to mount one on a hight position and go with another node and press the button on the node and check the response from the station.
    But for this the station has to stay on.
    I’m running the station with external usb battery.

    • the nee update solved my problem, the board was actually freezing because of the compiler bug mentioned in the release notes. now the station stays active.

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