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17 – 18 Aug 2019Maker Faire Hannover (Germany)

Press Releases

18 March 2019MQTT push app offers notifications in IoT environments
11 Sep 2018LoRa radio technology with MQTT notification on mobile phones
11 May 2018ESP32 ECO Power with LoRa offers wireless communication up to 20 km
20 Dec 2017Arduino Zero LoRa board with new RadioShuttle 1.6 protocol
1 Nov 2017Arduino LoRa radio technology with range up to 20 km

Tech Infos

8 July 2019RadioShuttle and other IDEs such as “PlatformIO”
22 Aug 2018Operating the ECO Power board with an OLED display
11 Jul 2018Battery-Powered ESP32
9 Jul 2018Read out Battery Voltage on the LongRa Board
22 Jun 2018Note on the Spreading Factors SF7 and SF12

Training videos: “NV Property” and “MQTT Push Client”

RadioShuttle NVProperty API for Arduino and Mbed OS
MQTT push notification and the RadioShuttle app for iOS and Android

Maker Faire 2019 in Berlin

Here are some impressions from our booth where we extensively presented the LoRa radio technology and had many interesting conversations.

There was a lot of interest at the “LoRa-Funktechnik bei Arduino Hannover” booth
We had many interesting conversations
The youngest maker (10 yo) who is interested in LoRa radio technology. First of all he explained to us that circuit boards can be ordered for 5 Euros in China. And he already knows a lot about other things as well. We are curious what he will do with the LoRa boards …

Those who could not attend the “LoRa-Funktechnik Grundlagen / Arduino Anwendungsbeispiele” presentation can download it here as a PDF (in German):

RadioShuttle update at year’s end

In 2018, which is now drawing to a close, we have made significant progress:

  • New ECO Power board with WiFi (based on ESP32)
  • Updated LongRa board (v 7.5, more pins, voltage measurement)
  • New RadioShuttle software 3.1 (including 18 examples)
  • Non-volatile memory for properties (“PropertyEditor” program)
  • Extensive MQTT support (MQTT-Client, RadioShuttle MQTT gateway)

We presented at the Maker Faire 2018 in Hannover, for the first time, our MQTT push server solution. It allows important events from sensors, or measurement data to be automatically transmitted via MQTT to the mobile phone via push (e.g. burglary, water leaks, failing cooling systems, temperature statistics data). The Android app is already available, the iOS app is expected for January 2019. The apps can be downloaded free of charge from the respective store.

We would like to thank all RadioShuttle users for their interest and great feedback.

Happy holidays and a happy new year 2019!

Your RadioShuttle team from Hannover

Maker Faire 2018 in Hannover

Lecture on the basics of LoRa radio technology with Arduino application examples. Explains the LoRa radio protocol software, LoRaWAN and RadioShuttle peer-to-peer (in German):

Our solution has received the “Maker of Merit” 2018 award from the editorial staff of Make: magazine, which we are very pleased about:

Impressions from the Maker Faire 2018 in Hannover:

Arduino ESP32

Presentation: Überblick zum ESP32 mit Arduino (in German)

Download Überblick zum ESP32 mit Arduino as a PDF document (in German)
See the YouTube video (in German)

Presentation: ESP32 Arduino Workshop (in German)

Download ESP32 Arduino Workshop as a PDF document (in German)

Maker Faire Hannover 2017

On the Arduino Hannover LoRa exhibition stand, we presented the LongRa board and the RadioShuttle protocol for the first time in public.


  • Arduino 32-bit LongRa board
  • RadioShuttle peer-to-peer LoRa wireless protocol software
  • STMicroelectronics STM B-L072Z-LRWAN1 (LoRa based on the Murata chip)
  • IMST LoRaWAN Concentrator (with Raspberry PI)
  • Atmel D21 Xplained with an external LoRa board
  • STMicroelectronics STM32L4 Nucleo with an external LoRa board
  • Environmental sensor solution, Arduino 32-bit driven using LoRa data transmission via the RadioShuttle protocol

LoRa radio technology introduction with Arduino IoT sensor

The LoRa video presentation at the Maker Faire Hannover 2017 (in German)