Licensing Terms of the Push Solution

(v1.0 12/2018)

The RadioShuttle app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is planned to publish the solution’s source code so that it can be adapted for custom projects/solutions and published as a separate app. All rights are reserved by and its developers.

Free use for RadioShuttle customers

The use of the MQTT push solution (“MQTT Push Client” app and push server) is free of charge for RadioShuttle licensees, i.e. RadioShuttle board customers, up to three mobile devices and three different accounts for an unlimited period.

Free use for private users

The use of the MQTT push solution is free of charge for private users and makers up to three mobile devices and three different accounts.

Commercial use

The commercial use of the RadioShuttle push solution (“MQTT Push Client” apps and push server) is possible for an annual software rental with included support.

This allows the operation of own push servers, and publishing separate apps. The server software is Java-based and can be installed on your own server hardware (Raspberry Pi, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac, etc.). This requires developer push certificates by Apple and Google. The Java-written source code of the push server and the apps (Android and iOS) is available (non-disclosure agreement required).

Thus, unrestricted commercial use of the RadioShuttle MQTT push server software is available for operation on your own servers.

Service notifications

In the event of pending server maintenance or for other technical reasons, we may notify all or individual accounts in advance by notifying the mobile device.
Service notifications are also used to contact individual users.

Automatic account deletion

Non-working MQTT server connections are automatically reconnected on a regular basis. If no connection is possible within 30 days, affected MQTT servers will be deactivated. Inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 90 days. Before deactivating the server connection or deleting the accounts, the devices are informed several times in advance via push notification. Regular login with a functioning MQTT server prevents automatic account deletion.

Improper use of software

The spamming of messages is not permitted and results in delayed delivery of push notifications. Therefore, no more than 50 messages per day and device should be sent.

If the software is used improperly, we reserve the right to permanently block the accounts. This also includes unauthorised commercial use.