Operating the ECO Power Board with an OLED Display

The use of small displays is interesting for LoRa nodes, as data can be displayed directly on a display. Alternatively, configurations can also be made via the display together with the button.

Both the display (SSD1306) and the sensor (Si7021) are I2C devices so that they can be connected in parallel. The OLED display is plug compatible with the ECO Power board and is simply plugged onto the 4 outermost pins of the 13-pin expansion strip (GND upper left). With the aid of a sensor connected in parallel to the display via I2C bus and the “DisplayI2CSample” sample program, temperature and humidity values can be displayed quickly and without further adjustments:

Technical data

  • Monochrome display (available in different font colors)
  • 128×64 pixels
  • Power consumption
    • Display active: appr. 4 mA
    • Display standby: appr. 7 µA
  • Compatible with Turtle, ECO Power, Eagle and LongRa boards

We recommend to operate the sensor away from the board (e.g. with 10 cm long connection cables). This allows the temperature or humidity measurement to be carried out where it is required. If the sensor is plugged directly onto the board or soldered directly to the board, the temperature of the board rather than that of the environment is measured.

Sample programs