RadioShuttle and other IDEs such as “PlatformIO”

Some customers ask us if other development environments such as “PlatformIO”could be used instead of the Arduino IDE to develop and upload the RadioShuttle software to our ECO Power, Eagle and LongRa boards.

Some customers have already tried other IDEs, but receive error messages.

The following can be said about this:

The complete RadioShuttle software can be compiled and used with the 18 examples under the Arduino IDE (Mac, Windows and Linux) for the ECO Power, Eagle and LongRa boards. Everything runs smoothly through the compiler and works. And so it is documented. In addition, there is the variant with the Mbed OS.

“PlatformIO” or other IDEs have not been tested and are therefore not supported by us. Nevertheless it should basically be possible to get it to work, provided that the identical compilers or linker flags are used. All source codes are included.

Further IDEs besides Arduino D21 & ESP32 as well as Mbed OS are not planned at the moment. The vast majority of users use the Arduino IDE, which is certainly not the last resort, but it works and is used. In addition, an external text editor can be used.