Arduino Zero LoRa board with new RadioShuttle 1.6 protocol

Arduino Zero compatible LoRa Board with super efficient RadioShuttle protocol supports peer-to-peer communication over long distances, operates for years on batteries. A turnkey LoRa radio solution for Arduino users, makers, engineers and education projects.

Hannover, Germany 20 December 2017
RadioShuttle”, a new peer-to-peer LoRa wireless protocol software, has been updated to version 1.6. RadioShuttle offers efficient, fast, and secure peer-to-peer wireless communications. The companion Arduino Zero compatible LoRa board has been designed to run with the RadioShuttle software to offer a turnkey LoRa radio communication solution for Arduino users.

The RadioShuttle protocol software supports direct peer-to-peer communication, AES encryption, and stable message transmission between nodes. The protocol is characterized by a very low energy consumption and long range, and is suitable for small data rates. RadioShuttle differs from the standardized LoRaWAN protocol in many ways:

  • RadioShuttle is more efficient
  • Direct node-to-node communication support (no concentrator needed)
  • More cost effective, and simpler to deploy

The developers have designed and released the “LongRa Board”, an Arduino Zero compatible LoRa board. The LongRa board, with RadioShuttle radio technology, can communicate over long distances (200 m to 20 km) in the free 868 MHz band. The LongRa board is battery-optimized and ready for use with standard AA batteries for over two years. A standard Arduino expansion slot with 3.3 V or 5 V allows adding peripherals like sensors and a display. The turnkey board can be used immediately in any Arduino environment.

“The beauty of this solution”, according to the developers, “is that it’s a turnkey product for startups and hobbyists, yet is also perfect for rapid deployment by professional product developers.”

Essential features include:

  • Arduino Zero compatible LoRa board (32-bit)
  • LoRa 868 MHz radio technology (free band)
  • Ranges from 200 m to 20 km
  • Peer-to-Peer radio protocol software
  • Battery-optimized (2 years operational)
  • Wire antenna included (SMA and U.FL optional)
  • Supports Arduino development on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Extensive documentation with examples
  • RadioShuttle software with examples (easy for beginners)

The LongRa board, including the RadioShuttle LoRa software, is now available for purchase, testing, and deployment. Go to for extensive information, documentation, and purchase details.