LoRa radio technology with MQTT notification on mobile phones

At Maker Faire Hannover we present a new LoRa radio technology system with push notification on the mobile phone. LoRa enables external sensors with ranges up to 20 km, with MQTT the solution can be integrated into any server environment.

Hannover, Germany, 11 September 2018
The LoRa wireless technology allows sensors to communicate, in the free 868 MHz band, over large distances, from 200 m to 20 km. The LoRa technology excels with a very low energy requirement and a long range. On the receiving end, the sensor information can be forwarded via an MQTT server and a push server as a notification on a mobile phone.

Push notifications are used where it is important to be informed about events automatically and as promptly as possible. This task is performed by the RadioShuttle MQTT Push Server. Monitored MQTT topics are immediately forwarded to a mobile device, where a push notification message is displayed together with an audio signal.

An app manages the settings for the push notifications. By the way, push notifications are also received when the app is not running. The app acts as a link between the RadioShuttle MQTT push server and Apple and Google push services and includes the following features:

  • Automatic display of push notification messages with sound on the mobile device (even if the app is not active or the screen is locked)
  • Notification within seconds
  • Multiple users can use the same account. Example: Mother, father, child. All automatically use the identical settings. All are notified in parallel
  • An app can use multiple MQTT accounts. Example: Residential house in Munich, holiday home on Lake Starnberg, business office in Freising
  • Messages of the last 30 days can be viewed
  • Available for Android (iOS in development)

The RadioShuttle “MQTT Push Client” app can be downloaded for free. The source code of the app should become open source in order to be able to adapt it for custom projects/solutions.

The push solution is free of charge for RadioShuttle licensees (board customers) with up to three mobile phones. Unrestricted commercial use with support is offered via software rental.

The Maker Faire will take place from September 15th to 16th in Hannover. You will find us at the LoRa booth of “Arduino Hannover”.

Further information, product documentation and instructions on how to purchase the product can be found at www.radioshuttle.de.