RadioShuttle “MQTT Push Client” app brings dashboard view

In addition to the MQTT message view, the new Android version of the “MQTT Push Client” app now has a dashboard view with a graphical user interface for display and control elements, so-called “dashes”. For iOS users, this functionality will be available at a later date.

Hannover, 6 April 2020
MQTT topics defined in the “MQTT Push Client” app are monitored by the RadioShuttle MQTT push server. On activity, messages are immediately displayed in the app, optionally an audio signal is issued for push notification.

In addition to receiving push notifications, it is also possible to define MQTT actions for registered topics that allow sending an MQTT message which can then trigger an action at the recipients.

The dashboard view sports a graphical user interface which allows creating display and control elements, so-called “dashes”. It can be used to monitor and control any actions such as home automation and industrial controls, e.g. lighting, temperature display, weather, light colour, heating control, machine control. Dash controls provide buttons, sliders, text display, selection lists, and HTML views that are displayed as groupable interactive tiles.

Extensive information and documentation on MQTT and push solutions of the RadioShuttle peer-to-peer LoRa radio protocol software and various LoRa boards are available at

The app is available for Android and iOS. It works in any MQTT environment and offers:

  • MQTT message view of all messages (push notifications or simple messages)
  • Actions for sending defined MQTT messages (MQTT actions menu)
  • Dashboard view (at present for Android only)
  • Non-commercial use free of charge (up to three accounts / three smartphones)

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